Sustainable and ethical jewellery

Jewellery is an integral part of fashion that has been around for centuries. Today, with trends changing every season—and sometimes seemingly every week—the production of fast-fashion jewellery and clothing alike can have a large impact on the environment. Nothing tarnishes a beautiful piece of fine jewellery like learning about its production processes or knowing something you should treasure was created at the expense of others.

With more access to information than ever before, we as a global community are becoming more aware of how our purchasing decisions can impact the world. Many of us are turning to sustainable living and demanding that brands prioritise ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives. While the most effective way to prevent or lessen negative worldly effects is to reduce consumption or recycle, it is important to make ethical purchasing decisions wherever possible.

To be ethical, a brand must focus on three key elements: the treatment of workers, their contribution to local communities and their environmental impact. Sustainable brands are defined by their ability to be enduring, long-lasting or stable. When referring to jewellery, sustainability encompasses the materials used, how the materials are manufactured, mined or farmed, the processes of production, and the life span of the final product.

This topic is important to us on the most fundamental level and we have created Vela with our beliefs in ethical, sustainable products front of mind. We are a small, family business, but we too can have global impact. You don’t have to be a large corporate to be a role model in this area.

Our materials come from ethical and environmentally friendly sources (for more details, see our materials page) and we focus on supporting the communities where they’re found.

With each individual Vela piece made to be worn both alone and together, a wardrobe of long lasting Vela jewellery provides the perfect complement to your daytime, night time and special occasion styles. Being able to mix and match the pieces in this way ultimately means that less is more.

Be a part of this growing global movement and shop consciously.