Penta Miele Silver + Champagne Diamond Ring / Black


This ring represents our namesake—the Vela constellation in the southern sky.

  • Sterling Silver with Black Rhodium Accents
  • One Argyle Champagne diamond, totalling 0.10ct
  • Size J, N and L

Traceable, natural and responsibly sourced, Argyle Champagne diamonds range in colour from light honey to rich cognac. We select only the finest cut diamonds to ensure they are beautiful in every light.

Our Champagne diamonds are certified by a chain of custody tracking program. The rough diamonds are tracked from when they leave the Argyle diamond mine through the cutting process, ensuring the authenticity of the Champagne diamonds.

Our diamonds are guaranteed to be of Australian origin and have had no treatment.

Personalised Engraving

Personalise your Vela bracelet or necklace with a complimentary silver tag, engraved with a unique message.

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Gift Wrapping

Vela rings are currently available in three sizes - J, L and N.

Inside diameter (mm) Inside circ. (mm) Australia, UK US, Canada China, Japan
15.49 48.70 J 4 ¾  
16.31 51.20 L 5 ¾  
17.12 53.80 N 6 ¾ 13
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